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Freight Broker Services

Shipping is a complex ecosystem, so our freight brokerage services are there to guide you every step of the way. With years of experience, we can negotiate the best possible rates for you. When you work with us, you know you are getting the best rates with the most reliable carriers.

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Our Freight Broker Services Cover

Order Tender

Order tendering is an initial stage of the transportation process. At this stage, the broker will ask you to provide you with all the necessary information about your load, including contact information, addresses, freight weight, type, dimensions, etc. When the broker collects all the data, the next step is calling a freight company, a carrier or a 3PL to schedule the load. This is called load tendering. Also, the broker will ask you to mention handling conditions, commodity type, and other important data.


Load Scheduling

After tendering the load, freight brokers will place your load in a transportation management system, or TMS. It is specialized software for booking and managing loads, that lets brokers operate more efficiently. Also, through TMS, brokers can find reputable and vetted carriers to ensure the best service for you. When the load booking is confirmed, the freight broker schedules pick-up and delivery time.  



Freight loading is one of the main stages in the transportation process, and brokers play a huge role in it. Freight brokers connect with the drivers to ensure they arrived on time, and manage the process of safe cargo loading. Then, the carrier signs a bill of lading and becomes responsible for your freight.


While your freight is in transit, we track and manage it through the TMS. With advanced software, shippers have complete transparency into the shipping process and get regular updates. With our freight brokers, shippers stay up to date with their freight status and can be sure everything goes smoothly.


During the unloading process, the consignee signs the bill of lading. Once the carrier confirms successful unloading and completes the necessary paperwork, the broker gets the paperwork and invoices the shipper.


The final stage of the freight shipping process is billing when the fright broker issues and invoice to the shipper and the shipper pays the bill.

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